Sunday, May 18, 2008


Okay, so I reached my 10% goal today. WOOHOO! I really didn't think I would ever get here, yet when I look back, it seems like its been easier than I remembered. I have lost weight before, though its always been a struggle. It is a struggle this time, but it does seem to be easier. Is it because I am doing anything different? I don't think so. Maybe its because have less going on in my life now. More than likely. The kids are grown. One still at home, but not really at home!! So, its me and the hubby. I can fix, most of the time, the things I want and need to eat and its so much easier than it was when the kids were growing up. As a mom, you are always wanted to teach your children to eat healthy. Well, I did and I didn't. I wasn't a good example, but they were fed well. Neither of them has a weight problem. They both went through their "chunky" pre-pubescent stages, and grew out of that to be two healthy, tall, and basically slender young men. I am very proud.

Now back to me! LOL Now when I get home and am stressed out, I try to make healthier choices. No longer am I running from one ballgame to the next or one band competition to the next. I do miss those things immensely, but am reflecting on a life of no time and lots of stress and realize, the place I am right now is a pretty great place to be. So, that's why the decision to focus on myself. Mom's are usually the worst about that and I ranked right up there as one of the worst. Drive thru's and junk food were our staples at times. I realize now (and probably did then) that it wasn't healthy for me or my family.

Trying to eat healthy and stay OP is a daily struggle, yet again, seems to be getting easier. I hope this continues. My oldest son is doing things "healthy" in spite of his mother! The youngest just has a 19 year old metabolism and hopefully will start eating better before that changes. I had one of those once. It caught up with me!

So, there are my reflections of why the weight loss seems to be different, at least for now. I am so proud of my 10% I headed out to buy myself and iPod! A NON-FOOD reward! What a change for me!!


Carlos said...

alright! great job. and great reward. you are an inspiration.

New Crystal said...

Congratulations on reaching your 10%! Hopefully I'll join you there soon! :)

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