Friday, June 4, 2010

Major absence

Yes, okay, so I have been gone awhile. Mainly because I haven't been dieting. But most of you knew that already. We all know when people aren't blogging well they aren't usually on program....any program! I am no exception!

I am sitting here knowing I need to diet as I drink my regular, totally caffeinated coke! I mean, I have to have the leaded version....not unleaded! So, I am kind of teetering back and forth as if I were on a see-saw when it comes to dieting. I am gonna diet, I'm not gonna diet.....I am gonna diet....I'm not gonna diet. Of course, my lard ass always brings the see-saw down on the side of not dieting! How could it not?

Anyway, One more week of my summer program and then I get my summer break. It will only be 4 1/2 weeks this year. That's not enough!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try and eat healthier during those 4.5 weeks.

Just checking in again. Life is good here at the moment....just need to get back with some kind of dieting so I can get back into my clothes!

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Debby said...

I am so you.

I had to buy a bigger work shirt. I had to buy bigger work pants. NO way could I squeeze even part of my flap into the ones I wore last summer!! Sighhhh gotta get back on program myself!

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