Saturday, June 19, 2010

I love summer......

So, I am out of school and loving the summer. It is a really short summer this year because I chose to do an extra program at school that lasted two weeks after my normal stopping time and the fact that they changed the calendar and we are going back even earlier than usual. The downside is having to go back earlier, the upside is the fact that we have a longer fall break and a couple other days added. I like it myself.

So, summer is so relaxing and I enjoy being home so much. I actually cook all the time. This is giving me the opportunity to cook much healthier and I like that. I have been basically following weight watchers since Wednesday of this week and I feel so much better. Why do we do this to ourselves? I know I don't have the answer, other than laziness. My only other problem with summer is I am at home a lot and that makes me want to eat. Granted the foods I am eating are much healthier......I just stay hungry more when I am at home!! Such is life!

I really hate that there are several people who have fallen off the wagon as I have, however, it is nice knowing I am not alone! To those blogging friends.......all we can do is keep trying. We know what to do.......we just get side tracked!

Amy over at Rebuilding Amy is having a contest. Here is a link to take a look at her blog see what she's doing!

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Debby said...

You are right CJ, we can do this. I wish I knew why we let ourselves fall off the wagon. Right now I'd be happy to just get in the rut the wagon made!

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