Sunday, February 21, 2010

Love me some sunshine!!!!

Okay, so the sun is out and its 65 degrees here. I am loving this. While I like winter and snow and all, have been feeling a blah and sure am enjoying today's sunshine. It maybe short-lived as we have thunderstorms moving into the area, but I sat outside and got some vitamin D and boy does it make you feel better. It's amazing what a little sun does for your peace of mind and your energy levels. My prayer today is that everyone lets a little sunshine in today (literally and figuratively).

Diet going slow, but still going. Lost 8 lbs. total and while it's not as fast, I'm not really trying as hard it's my own fault. I am feeling good and doing more and moving more, so this is a plus for me. Eating better, but not the best. I know I can do better, and I shall!!!

Just a little check-in..........!! May you all have sunshine in your lives today!

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Debby said...

It was sunny here today too. I was inside all day though! :-(

Wooohoooo on the 8 pounds. You are inspiring me to get back OP. Yep, I'm thinkin about it for sure!

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