Monday, June 28, 2010

Home from Hell!!!

That's right folks..........I have been in hell! I went to the inlaws for five days and it's pure hell. My mother-in-law....I get along with fine. Love her to death. THE MOST OBNOXIOUS MAN I HAVE EVER MET IN MY LIFE. Actually he can be nice at times, just never to his own family. Puts the mother-in-law down on a constant basis. Of course, he's one of those that thinks everything he does is the only correct way and everyone else must be foolish for not doing things his way. Infuriating. It's so bad now that my mother in law hardly talks around him when we are there because he jumps down her throat for everything. Sad really. He goes out of his way to spend 30 minutes in a store talking to strangers, yet can't spend 5 minutes talking to his son. The worst thing about all of this, my husband has a lot of the same traits. Granted...I am doing my dead-level best to make him see how he is turning in to his Dad. He tries some of the same things...but I am by no means the push over his mother is. Oh, the mother-in-law takes up for herself a lot more these days, but you never know when that mine-field will blow! My father in law is in bad health and I guess he's on a mission to blame the whole world for it or at least make sure everyone is miserable along with him.

Oh, and then there is the sister-in-law who is the female version of my father in law, however, she never quits talking and turns every conversation to her. She also goes on and on and on about how much work she does and doesn't get paid to do....doesn't that make her a fool? It does in my eyes.

So, I have done my wifely duties (no pun intended) and gone to visit the in laws. Thank goodness they are three states away or we might have to see them more often.

There's no place like home............There's no place like home..................There's no place like home (insert the heel-clicking of Ruby Slippers here)



Debby said...

Oh CJ...I feel your pain! My FIL was that man. He's dead. I'm not sad. Nobody is. Now, isn't that sad to not be missed when you're dead? Share that with your hubby. They toasted my FIL and later had a burial for him. They built a sheet metal tool box to put him in for the burial. People were writing things and putting them in the tool box. I wasn't allowed to! lol It came time to load him into the car to go to the cemetary...nobody wanted to put him in the trunk. I said oh pick me! I picked up the box, tossed it in the trunk, slammed the hood, and said good riddance. Even my MIL isn't sad he's gone.

Now that is sad.

Glad you made it home with your sanity. I so feel for you.

bbubblyb said...

Visiting inlaws can be tough. Glad you made it through and glad to see you back.

Estela said...

Hey CJ, I've been totally out of the loop with my blogs, I haven't blogged on mine in almost a year!

How sad about your FIL, that's the way mine was (I was only married 4 yrs but that was enough!)

When he was bedridden his wife would BEAT him, I guess venting out her yrs of anger and submissiveness. She fed him ONLY Ensure, nothing solid, because she didn't want to have to change his solid poop. A son gave her a small outing once and he gave his dad a taco....oooohhhh, she was fuming when she found out!

Anyway...glad you made it back in 1 piece, you keep reminding Hubby about what he saw, open his eyes to the situation if he hasn't seen it yet!

Estela from South TX.

P.S. My contract ran until June 24th, and I return on Aug 2nd, not enough time off!!

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