Sunday, October 18, 2009

Super Sunday

So, I woke up this morning to a beautiful day! The sun is shining. Its brisk, not cold outside. Getting ready to take a little walk with my little dog that I spoke about in my last post.

I must say, my little changes are making a world of good. I know me, will I keep it up? Who knows, but I am going to enjoy the moment. I have spent way too many days, hours, moments in my life wishing I had done things differently or being down on myself for not doing it the way everyone else says I should. I am going to enjoy this day, without guilt!

I woke up this morning and had an apple and cottage cheese for breakfast while the hubby had bacon and eggs. Guess what? I didn't want the bacon and eggs. I had squash and lima beans for lunch. No meat. In the south, I think that's a sin, but I love veggies! Don't get me wrong, I could never be a vegetarian, but I love just veggies sometimes!

I seem to be handling my stomach issues with changing some of my diet and some acid reflex medicine. I feel it bothering me some this morning. I never have burning heartburn, I just get a feeling of something stuck in my throat and an odd feeling on the right side of my chest. So, anyway, I have managed it rather well. Going to see how this works for now. I cannot afford some unnecessary tests at this point. The hubby had a kidney stone last month and we had to take him to the ER, and while we have fairly good insurance, just looking at the bill made me hyperventilate! So, gonna try to self medicate. If things get worse, of course, I will go in. My PC knows what's going on and wants me to see a GI doctor...but right now, it will have to wait.

Well, just checking on for the day. Love yourself no matter what. Self loathing only makes things worth. Take it from me! When I look in the mirror, I truly get pissed at myself and wonder how I let myself get here. I know how I got here. So, I stay away from the mirror. At least for one day. A day to just love myself and say, to hell with what the mirror says, I am beautiful!


Fried Jeff said...

I love your statement to "Love yourself no matter what." That is wonderful advice. You are spot on about self loathing only making it worse. I could be the poster boy for that.

I have spent so much of my life looking backwards at my mistakes. I'm finally starting to learn to be in the present since this is where all my possibilities are. I have failed numerous times to get healthy, but I finally realize that if I am grateful and positive in my life, then I won't want to eat the food that made me this way.

At least that's what I try to tell myself. I usually end up struggling with my food addiction, but I am finding the more positive momentum I have, the easier it is to not give in.

Good luck with your stomach issues. Your husband has my sympathies as I have also suffered from kidney stones in the past. I hope this is a one-time occurrence for him. Ouch! I think we have finally paid off my medical bills for my last kidney stone experience two years ago. Ouch$$$

Debby said...

Hell yes you're beautiful! Can't change the use trying.

Hear ya on the medical bills. My doc is sending me for hand therapy..ya I know...pinkie up, pinkie down...can just see it now. I'm not going if it's not 100% covered by my insurance. I'll just find some other old person here in the park that went and ask them what they did!

Little changes are good my friend! Enjoy all the moments!

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