Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Where did this come from? The high is only 53 today? It's least to me! But, I am snuggled up in my chair with my fuzzy socks on and my fuzzy fleece pants enjoying my fall break. I truly do like this kind of weather. Snuggling weather, just wish the hubby was home to snuggle with. It's dreary looking, windy, and cold..all the ingredients for a hot chocolate (sugar free of course) and chili kind of evening! Ooh, chili, good idea!

Took my little dog walking with me yesterday and I must say, she and I both enjoyed it. I had my iPod going and I have two songs I play back to back because they are fast and upbeat and it makes me walk faster...well, I thought the poor thing was going to trip over her tongue! LOL We both felt better for it though. She's getting a little round, as am I, except in my case its ROUND-ER! It felt really great. I have been running my mom all over town this morning so haven't ventured out for my walk yet today. I have decided that I am going to do what makes me feel good. As I have said before, I have a tendency to be the "all or nothing" girl and just quit when I cannot achieve perfection, so I'm realizing perfection is what I make it out to be, not what someone else says I have to do. There are many, many, many more motivated people than little ole me in this world and I find myself feeling like I can't compete, like I can't do it to their level, so how could I ever be successful? Well, wait a minute. This is my life, my weight problem, my eating problem, why don't I do things MY WAY? Can you say duh? I am 45 years old. Why haven't I got this before? SO, I'm not perfect. Never will be, so quit trying. Does that mean I don't need to try harder at my weight loss efforts and exercise efforts? Well, of course not. What it means is I need to do what's right for me and quit trying to do someone else's program. Or think that because I can't do 200 crunches everyday that my efforts are all in vain!

So, here's to me! I am doing MY THANG from now on. Does that mean I will eat cake? Probably. Does that mean I will have potato chips? Probably. Does this mean I will quit trying and quit struggling with my weight issues? Never. So, I am going to try daily to make better choices and I am going to walk for 15 minutes since it makes me feel better. And oh, I will walk for 30 like I did yesterday because I had more energy. Or I will eat apples in the morning because it helps my stomach. I may have had an epiphany, or NOT.....But, what I do know is I am going to quit measuring myself with everyone else's tape measure!!

Love ya peeps!

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Debby said...

Holy moly you had a lot of stuff there!

The doggie looks like he's saying 'why did you do that to me???' Made me giggle! It also made me vow to walk my little pooch. My Pixie is almost 10 years old and had back surgery 2 years ago and is a gimp. She can shuffle though and being here in FL there is NO reason I don't haul her hairy stubby little legs to the end of the street and back every morning while it's cool. Yep, if you can do it I should too!

I think you're right about your plan. You have to do right for you. Just don't quit doing what's right and you'll be fine! I think a little cake is good...just not the whole cake. That's what I have to learn. How to stop at a little before it becomes a lot. Let me know when you figure that out!

Keep up the good work!

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