Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A better (yet crazy) day!

Well, today was quite a crazy day at work. I mean, CRAZY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! But, I survived without choking not one of them. Aren't you proud? I seriously wanted to. I seriously did. No one even had to hold me back, even though I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to. Crazy.

Because of my stomach issues, eating just hasn't had its "allure" that it usually does. I realize I need to get it taken care of, and I will, but it has lead to me losing 4 lbs. Granted its four pounds I am losing AGAIN but its better than gaining and I am going to pat myself on the back for that. I have also started walking in the mornings again and I must say, its already making me feel better.

SO, I ask (mostly myself) why do I always quit doing the exercise when it makes me feel so much better? WHY OH WHY? I guess its because "I ain't got sense God gave a goose". Pretty much. Yes its an old southern saying my grandmother used to say. Gotta love it. So, just from walking 15 minutes in the gym before work, I have gained a lot of energy. I am proud of myself for that.

I am also changing one bad habit at a time! I started going by Sonic every morning and getting either a croisonic and a diet cherry sprite. Oh, I thought I was doing good because of the diet cherry sprite. OH how we try to deceive ourselves. Anyway, I changed that routine to a routine of a banana or and apple and a protein cereal bar (I do better with protein than with carbs) and I usually drink water. So, I figure, overhauling one meal at a time has got to help. It seems to have helped a little. I unfortunately tend to go all gung ho and dive in head first into anything I try and well with diets, I tend to quit them shortly thereafter because I didn't ease myself into. So this is me "easing". Good luck with that, right?

I want to shout out to one of my most inspirational gal pals. Now, she and I have never met. We are sisters at heart through our weight issues and I must say, she always has a supportive word or a "get off your ass and do something" type advice, which I desperately need. Thank you Debby!!! You are amazing and I want to be you when I grow up.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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Debby said...

AWwwwww shucks! I was just getting to the end of your post all ready to say stuff and you went and mentioned moi. How sweet!

Congrats on the one thing at a time. I'm like you, all or nothing. I'm trying to learn that small steps thing too!

I learn a lot from your posts. I haven't been exercising for months. Since the pain began, I quit it all...your simple statement of 15 minutes making you feel Just because I can't do my hour of cardio and my 3 days of intense strength training right now, doesn't mean I can't do anything! From now on, I'm going to remember your words.

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