Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trying so hard

Okay, to say I have been struggling since I started doing WW again is an understatement. But, its my own fault. I listen to the voices in my head when they tell me just to grab something on the way home instead of cook something, etc..... So today being Sunday....I decided I was going to cook some soup for the week that will help me stay OP. Cooking broccoli cheese (2 pt. per cup) and taco soup (1 pt. per cup). They always help when I have a hunger attack and there is nothing else around. Just heat and serve...ya know?

I have lost 8 lbs. total. I am disappointed with that, but I know I shouldn't be. I have been way over stressed at work and not eating like I should. I am still hoping for the lottery so I can shed the work and get rid of the stress..........but since that ain't likely to happen.......I guess I am going to have to do something else to manage that stress......Yes, you all know what the answer is. You have all TOLD me what the answer is..........EXERCISE. Whew, what a dirty word! I always like it when I get started but no matter how long I have done it, it is still a chore. I long to be one of those gym rats who love working out. Whose endorphins take over and you get a high from working out. No, that's never happened to me! Oh well. It is an absolutely chore every time I do anything "scheduled" for exercise. Do I always feel great afterwards? Hell yes! I always feel great when I have started back on WW too, but my fat friend inside my head always screws that up for me! LOL

So, this week, I am planning ahead thanks to this woman! I read her blog as often as I can. She is an amazing inspiration!

Peace out peeps...Gonna go stir the soup!


Lori said...

8 pounds is a wonderful accomplishment!

As for the exercise, you really need to find something that you want to do, or you won't keep up with it. Give something 3 chances - once to get over your fear of it, the second time to learn how to do it, and the 3rd time to decide if you like it.

I think the true key for finding an exercise you like is not to go all out on your first try so that you are completely exhausted or can't finish. Start slow and test the waters, then build up. You might be surprised that you have a little athlete inside of you that just wants to be let out!

Debby said...

You are SO me!

I was all gung ho with the exercise and I think I over did it. About a month ago I quit going to the gym. It was just too much with work etc...I just couldn't keep it up. Well, I could have, I chose not to. I've just realized (doh!) that perhaps my stalled weight loss is because I quit exercising? Ya think maybe??? Took your post to make me think that! Thank you so much for posting what was on your mind. I've been thinking that I need to get back to exercise, but keep it do-able this time. I swear, just because of you, if it wasn't dark I'd go out for a walk right now!

Thank you!!! I'm with you on this one!!!

Debby said...

Awwwwwww 'this' girl was me!!! lol I was so pumped up to comment on the exercise that I thought I'd go back after and see who's blog was inspiring you...and it was me! I'm glowing now!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I agree with Lori. Eight pounds is eight pounds you don't ever have to lose again.

Although some people knock it, I lost my 150 pounds by walking. I just started slow, and as the weight dropped, I began to enjoy the exercise, and now I love it!!

You can accomplish your goals!

big_mummy said...

hiya, just saw you linked via a blog list and thought i would drop in and say hi.

i agree with Lori about the exercise, and finding something you can fit in your life like riding a bike, walking or running could be good. I have just started the c25k (although i am going to have to redo week 1 since i mmissed a day) and it seems like a really good way to build up.

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