Saturday, August 1, 2009

I want to know why!!!

Okay, been a rough week this week. Of course, you know by now that I am talking about work! It's my major stressor at this point in my life. So, the week began with my office assistant transferring to the school I wanted to go to. That did not bother me. It really didn't....She is lazy and well, there is already someone in there doing twice as much as she did. What bothered me is my boss thinks she is just doing it for the money. NO, we all want to go. There was just another position over there that she could do. She didn't get the job I wanted, she doesn't have the experience or skills for that, but she did at least GO! I am happy for her in that respect. I really am. She got away from the irrational woman we work for. So the week started out with the boss telling me that the assistant that has basically been doing this other woman's job, wasn't going to get her job. Which means, I would be training not only a new attendance assistant, but another office assistant. Now, this person I want her to put in this position....has already filled in and knows the procedures. She is already in the outer office, answers questions, answers phones, deals with the children, and knows the inner workings of the schools systems procedures. So, the boss, in her not-so-infinite wisdom, decides she needs this other woman to continue being a reading interventionist and hire someone from the outside to take this person's place. Well, I threw a fit. A big one. I was professional, but I didn't back down. You have to realize, my boss is the type who, when questioned, begins to lie. She then begins to bring others into her lies. She blames things on central office and says they are the ones making those decisions, when in fact they are not. So, I cornered her and tried to make her see how irrational she was being. Well, needless to say it didn't make for a very good week. I DO NOT LIKE CONFRONTATION, and am usually the first one to back down......but in the last two or three years, I haven't been that person. I have had to stand up to her, because she treats people terribly and well, I can't stand it and I just revolted I guess. I am not that good at standing up for myself. No No NO, I don't need help. Well, this time, not only was I standing up for a co-worker, I WAS standing up for myself. Last year was terribly stressful on everybody and having to train two new people when there is someone there already trained was not only more stressful....well it was just plain stupid. Now the boss doesn't like this other woman because she is TERRIBLY HONEST and not a "yes-man" and definitely not an ass kisser. You open up the dictionary and her picture would be there next to the word "Narcissist"!!!! SERIOUSLY!! She wouldn't let me transfer because "what we SHE do?" "How would SHE start the year without me there to do it for her?" "What am I going to do?" These are just a few!

So, I am relaxing this weekend very happy that all the teachers will be back on Monday to keep me from having to scream at the boss again!! Hahaha! I am not that type of person, honestly, but this last year with this woman has put me on anti-anxiety medication. No laughing matter! But if I don't laugh.. I will cry or scream, huh?

I am not willing to have to be like this forever. What I mean is, this shouldn't be that hard. I love my job. I love the people I work with. The only thing that makes it horrible is that thing I work for! I am grateful for my job, I really am!


Debby said...

OMG if I had Oreo's, I'd give you some! I can't even imagine that kind of stress. I'm pretty sure I coudln't do it...I'd tell her to F off...I just know I would!

Forget the Oreo...I'll email you some strong liquor!!!

Anonymous said...

There are things I don't miss about teaching at all... one of those things are the office politics. I know how awful it is for you to deal with stuff like that.

Estela said...

CJ, I feel your frustration! UGHHHH!!! Last summer I was running ragged, swearing I couldn't work one more year with the principal, secretly hoping she would retire. She didn't, but I finally spoke up and some changes were made.

She retired as of June, my wonderful assistant didn't get the job so she resigned, and I am left to handle 2 new about stress!!

Hugs and HANG IN THERE!!

Estela in South TX

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