Saturday, July 25, 2009


Okay, so it was my first week back at work/school! (I work at a school). The kiddos don't start until Aug. 5th. Yes, we here in the south decide its best to send the kids back to school when its so freakin' hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. Oh well. By the grace of God, we have had severely MILD temperatures this year. I am thrilled. I am not a hot weather person. I am not a cold weather person. I am a "I really should live in San Diego where the weather is 76 year round" type of person. Well, it gets hotter in San Diego, but its nothing like the sweltering shitty humid heat we get down here "y'all"!!

The week went pretty good even though it was awkward at first. As some of you know, I tried to get transferred out there, but the boss put a stop to it, because well, if I left who would do her job? Anyway, she's been icky sweet this week. I have been just doing my job and trying not to get stressed out. Many changes coming to us this year and well, I'm praying it doesn't get to me. It was an extremely stressful year this last school year, and well with the changes being doesn't look like this upcoming year is going to be any better. Wish me luck! Knock on wood.......Say a prayer....whatever it is you may do........I can use it!

So, just needed to rant. No new progress on the fat-ass side. Its not any bigger at least. That's a start! LOL Me and my friend from work have decided when school starts back, we are dieting again. Wish me luck on that one too. I want to actually! I need to just to help me feel better.

This is my ramblings for the evening! Peace out Peeps!


Fat[free]Me said...

Ugh, can't imagine being stuck in school at the hottest time of year - insanity!

Good luck with your work issues.

Debby said...'ve got until school starts and then I'm riding your ass! Glad it's not any bigger!!! *g*

I figured the first few days would be kind of sticky. The first week is gone now and you can just look at it as water under the bridge. Breathe, relax, and vent all you need here!

NOOOOOOOOOO reaching for the chocolate, salt, or whatever your poison is though!!!

Oh ya, go for a walk or something!

Hehe...Mom is done now!


SunflowerDaisies said...

I am a teacher also in Kansas and we don't actually start till the 20th, though we're one of the latest in the area. Normally we start a week earlier.
I have a hard time balancing school and exercising during the school year. I have done really well with being consistent in the summer, but once the school year starts, I get stressed, and it all goes to pot! lol I'm hoping that I can keep my routine this year!
Good luck on your school year. :-)

Debby said... that's my email...I'll send you the pizza crust recipe. I thought it was excellent! Might just be me though. Well Den liked it too!

Kimberly said...

Sometimes, when motivation is at a low point, the victory is just in not gaining any more weight. The bright side is you don't have anything extra to take off when you do start losing again. We've all been there and will probably all be back there at least a few zillion more times. Hang in there!

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