Sunday, January 9, 2011

With snow....brings temptation!

Okay, so I went to the store yesterday, as did everyone in this town. The threat of snow is in the forecast sending us southerners to the grocery store on the hunt for bread, milk, eggs, all the staples, because Lord knows we cannot be caught in a snow storm without food. Snow storm. That's kind of funny. They really are calling for a lot of snow.............for us anyway. Temps will be low, so they are expecting the snow to stick around, which is not good. However, the upside is hopefully school will be out.

So, I was good and bought tons of good stuff for us to eat. No junk. But, of course, I ate bad yesterday. Got get that off so will exercise today, even though I hadn't planned on it. So, being cooped up in the house is never a happy thing for me. I am not a person who likes to "go", but I am a person who wants to "go" when I get damned good and ready and if the roads are bad, I won't go.

My biggest problem with the impending snow? Trying not to graze the whole time I am at home. I have lots of fruits and veggies so I am hoping my goofy self will go for them before eating anything else. I have no junk in the house, but still have things in the freezer that aren't so good for me that I just won' throw out. Trying to stay away from that. Just got to do things to keep me busy and away from food. Guess I will get started on the baby blanket for my grandchild who is due in five weeks. I also have two diaper cakes to make for her shower next weekend. That should keep me busy. But, busy enough? That's the question!

Well, that's another reason I am here writing. I have to take nexium in the mornings and can't eat for an hour, so trying to do something besides head for the fridge!!

Okay....over and out!

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Julie Lost and Found said...

Hi there! We are stuck at home today with the snow too.

do you have enough vegetables on hand that you could make a big pot of vegetable soup? If you put cabbage in it too and some spinach, you can have very very low cal soup to "graze" on. I sometimes do that and will keep it in the fridge.

Just an idea..

Stay strong!

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