Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just a little frustrated!

Yes, I am frustrated. Not disillusioned, just frustrated. Been working out like an animal with this zumba thing. Been dieting with weight watchers. After two weeks....gained three pounds. What a pisser!!! I mean, REALLY? SERIOUSLY? Oh, I know the garbage about building muscle....blah blah blah....Had someone tell me, well one pound of muscle weighs more than one pound of fat! ARE YOU SERIOUS? One pound of muscle weighs one pound of fat weighs one pound.......And this person was college educated and taught school for 30 years. No wonder my son never like math.

Anyway, back on the subject.....I know the physical aspects of what's going on with my body, but I'm a spoiled brat and I want to see results now!! No beating around the bush here. I am having a blast with this zumba craze. Me and two friends went to the YMCA last night to a different class. Let me just say.........IT KICKED OUR ASSES! What are we? STUPID? Yes we are! Oh we thought we were something and were gonna go to a different class and just be able to do it. NOPE....This woman, first of all, is some kind of freak...with springs built into her feet, I am sure. No one can be that damned perky and bouncy without some kind of bionic adjustments that have been made to her legs/feet. Oh, and the crunches/hip thrusts....well, if I had done that, I would've dislocated a hip or something. HOWEVER...I felt good when I was done. Could barely move, but was feeling good. Not very sore today, which is a surprise. Mostly I feel like crap today because of the sinus junk. Now zumba has helped loosen up this crap, but it hasn't helped get rid of it!!

So there's my latest on my zumba infatuation. One of the teachers I work with is now going and she was having issues with her hips.....She says she is not having near the issues. Her doctor told her to keep it up. Even if she can never do the steps like they can, she needs to just keep moving. Try'll like it!

Peace out

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Kimberly said...

Check the sodium on what you eat. If you eat soups or diet dinners they are loaded with the stuff. It is just insane the amount they put in those foods.

I gained 4lbs when I started using sea salt one week. Needless to say I don't use sea salt, or any salt for that matter, anymore.

Zumba sounds so fun.

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