Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

OH, on the edge of a new year. It's all full of hope and excitement. At least for me! I have had some ups and downs this past year, but I must say more ups than downs. We had no major crises in our family. My weight loss....well sucked this year. But I'm still here and I'm happy and and I'm determined to work on that.

I realize every year it's the same thing. My New Year's Resolution is to guess???? lose weight. Well, I'm doing it again. My New Year's resolution IS to lose weight. AGAIN..........and AGAIN.............and AGAIN........and maybe one day it will take. you know? I don't want to give up.

I will be starting anew this weekend. My work week begins again on Monday. I have been off for two weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed all the seasonal food and parties and more food and more parties and well, it's time to stop it and get back to where I need to be. I want to feel good. That's all. Okay, well, that's not all. I want to look good. I want to be healthy. I want ........IT ALL BABY! And well, I am the only one that can do it.

So, here I am again. I'm like my pixie weight watcher's membership had to go. But, I know she knows the program backwards and forwards. We probably ALL do, so why is it we can't do this ourselves? Well, I think we all have a different answer for that. Mine is, I just don't think I want to! I find it much easier to do this with other people. Does that mean going to meetings, etc. with others. No, not necessarily. It means knowing we aren't alone in this.

I will do this again. I want to. Yes, I want to. This time next week, I may be saying something else. WHO KNOWS! I know one won't happen if we don't keep trying. SO, put your big-girl panties on and get to it. Or your big-boy boxers....whichever! JUST DO IT.......!

Thanks to those who have stopped by and read my blog even though I have kind of fallen off the face of the earth at times. It's not because I am ashamed of my efforts, Im really not. It's because I have been way too busy and well, facebook has taken up a lot of my time too!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May God continue to bless me and my family and may he Bless You and Yours just as much!


Andie said...

Thanks for sharing yourself with others who are struggling. You're so right about Weight Watchers. I know the program through and through, even when they make changes to it. I think the most important thing is that there comes a time when we have to start really living out all the things we have learned, or else its just wasted head knowledge. I wish you much success on your journey.

Debby said...

You are so right, we can do it. You're so much like me...I want it all too!

I like what Andie said about wasted knowledge...I have a lot of that..maybe it's time to quit wasting it eh???

Debby said...

Oh ya,


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