Monday, December 21, 2009

Awwwwhhhhhhh! Vacation

Okay, so it's official....I am on vacation. What I lovingly call CHRISTMAS BREAK, but of course, the public school system for which I work, calls it "winter break". W/E... You work at the school where I work, you know there is prayer in school. No way we could make it through one day without it!!

So two weeks off. Think I have all the presents ready. Have to shop for the dinner. Yay! Lately, I have come to a new conclusion.............I HATE COOKING. Yep that's right. I hate it. I especially hate it because everyone in my household thinks it magically appears out of my ass I guess (gosh I hope not, that would be gross)..Anyway, if I cook what I want, then no one likes it anymore even though they have eaten it for 20 some-odd years. I get so tired of trying to think about what others want for dinner. I can't make up my own mind. At work, around lunchtime, it's truly hilarious watching all of us women trying to make up our minds about what we want for lunch. Truly amazing! Once, just ONCE...I want my husband or my son to go to the grocery store, shop for the week, prepare meals for everyone and have everyone like what you cook. It's NOT F=ING POSSIBLE!

So, Christmas is a few days away. I have many blessings in my life that I am truly happy why is it this time of year gets me down? I have no reason. No heartache around this time. No loved ones lost. Just my own inadequacies I guess. I always get the feeling of not doing enough, not having enough, not giving enough, not being enough. But, again, these are all in my head and I seriously have no real reason for being depressed. So, what am I trying to do to make things cheery around here? Cook......I hate cooking these days, but cooking at the holidays seems like a tradition with the homemade cookies and candy, cheeseballs and chex mix, pies and cakes, get the picture and not a one of them low fat and/or healthy! That always makes you feel good, right? NOT!

So, for all of you out there in the same boat (thanks Carlos), hang on.....this boat might be sinking, but I think we can make to shore!!


Stephanie said...

I think everyone gets in cooking ruts. Have you traded ideas with friends? Sometimes all it takes is someone else's angle on how they prepare meals, a spice they like to use, or an ingredient they experiment with...and it re-ignites your own creativity in the kitchen.

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Debby said...

I think a lot of us are on a sinking boat right now...but we're in it together and someone will throw us a life ring soon!

Now, your Christmas funk. Your problem is you're not selfish enough. See, if you made Christmas all about YOU, you'd not care a rats ass what anyone else thought! Yep....make the food you like and if they don't like it, they're welcome to fix their own damn meals! I'm lucky as Den loves anything at all that I cook. He truly does. I have a dear friend that spends 6 months with us each year and he's a picky eater. I used to get so upset as I'd spend a lot of time planning and cooking food for him and he'd not like it. I quit 2 years ago. I said screw don't like what I your own food and cook it! I've been a happy pooh ever since.

Color me selfish! Can you see me twirling in circles right now with my tiara on....c'mon, you know you can!

PS:I don't have chocolate chip cherry cookies in the oven at this moment...nor a potato baking that I inted to smother in butter and sour cream. Nope, I don't! OK, maybe I do!

I've missed you! I'm so far behind in blog reading (160 to be precise!) I read yours first though!

Happy New Year! I missed saying Merry Christmas!

Winivere said...

Sounds like you have no plan when it comes to family meals or lunch with the girls! OMG... Time for that family meeting, girl. Make them part of the solution and stop stressing yourself out!

Happy New Year!

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