Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A little update

My mom is doing a little better. Will not have to have surgery after all. That's a big relief. She still can't do things by herself so still having to take care of her. My sister did come and help yesterday and today. Too bad she doesn't live closer! Mom is back at my house tonight and I am not sure when she will be able to do things for herself. I think she's milking this for all its worth! LOL

Work is hell. Thanks Estella for the support. You definitely know what I am going through. Now besides having TCAP at this time of year (just finished), field days, field trips, budgets, textbook inventories, school inventory, and impending audit, I guess the boss-lady felt I didn't do enough and I have to go to training to do our website. We are losing our computer teacher/technician and she said I was the next person in line re: computer knowledge, etc. I am grateful she sees it that way, however, I didn't need yet another thing added......Okay, now that I have bitched, I can just get over it, cuz I am gonna have to do it......!

Thanks for the kind words everybody~


Fat[free]Me said...

Ugh! It seems we are all having to take on more work lately.

Hugs to help with the stress!

Carlos said...

glad to hear about your mom sorry for the douchebaggary at work...

Debby said...

Could they heap ANY more on you???

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